home maintenanceCongratulations on purchasing your new home. The excitement can be overwhelming but the end result can bring joy and happiness to you and your family. It’s the beginning of a new chapter in your life that says that you have arrived to new independence. You are living the American dream and everyone is so proud of your accomplishments.

In the process, you learn that a lot of responsibility comes with becoming a homeowner. But your realtor is there to help you make the right decisions before moving in. They will tell you that you need a home inspection to ensure there are no surprise problems to deal with like termites phoenix issue. That’s always helpful. They will help you plan a budget for recurring services and recommend a way to prepare for seasonal weather shifts.

You ask yourself, do I need a lawyer? Some people choose to hire a lawyer to make sure nothing goes wrong with the purchase price, closing, mortgage rate, and home inspections. That choose is up to you but most people feel they can handle it and they trust their realtor to give them the necessary information. Now you are coming to the end and for the most part, you are satisfied with everything. You stop and think what if this house has rats or bugs in between the walls I don’t think I can handle that kind of surprise. You turn to your husband and tell him we need a termite inspection let’s call the realtor and find out how to get this done before we move in.

You ask the realtor agent why a termite inspection wasn’t done and they tell you that because you have an FHA loan it’s not required but the lender will need a report of one being done. Who will pay for this ask the homebuyer? It could be the buyer or the seller but I’m sure the seller will be fine in paying for it, but once it’s done, it is your responsibility to do a yearly maintenance on the property. The realtor agency arrange the family to have a consultation with a trained professional who will explain to them what involved in an annual maintenance.

home inspectionA trained termite professional will explain to the new homebuyers what come with the inspection and what they’re looking for to bring comfort to the family. Surprisingly, insect’s life draw on hot, hot cities they find comfort in these type of places so you will see more rodents, mosquitoes, bed bugs, ants, spiders, and more. So maintaining your property annually protects the living conditions of each family. Urban warming drives insect pest abundance. Arizona is common for Desert subterranean termites, they live in desert plants, timbers in building, and utility poles. It is an area of high risk, so it’s important to have termite maintenance if you choose to live in the desert. The beauty of the land comes with work.